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Mandarin Fish Neoprene Tote Bag


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This lightweight carryall neoprene tote bag is stylish yet functional. It’s the perfect bag for everyday use or a day on the water.

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This versatile tote will quickly become your favorite because it’s perfect for all of life’s adventures. It’s water and corrosion resistant as well as machine washable. It has an expandable storage capacity and 2 large internal zippered pockets for storing smaller items. It comes with a removable matching clutch that allows for quick and easy access of valuables while on the move.


Inspired by one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean, the Mandarin Fish (Synchiropus splendidus)

Mandarin fish are bright, exotic, and are often called the most beautiful fish in the ocean. In fact, they were named after the colorful and elegant Mandarin Chinese robes of the 19th century. Not only are these tiny fish beautiful, but they can hold their own with their toxic mucous and unpleasant smell. These interesting fish are a popular photographic subject because of their striking beauty and interesting habits. Just like the Mandarin fish, you’re sure to catch everyone’s eye with this vibrant, bold print.


10% of profits donated to ocean conservation.


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