Our Story

Nudi Wear was born as a result of two divers wanting to be a part of a positive change for our oceans. Over the years as divers, we have seen the negative effects of human impacts on our watery world. We knew we wanted to be a part of the solution. Nudi Wear became the platform for us to help bring awareness and to promote change in the waters we love. We strive for our actions and our products to evoke a love for the ocean and the animals found within it as well as foster a desire to protect them. Check out our Conservation and Sustainability pages to learn more.

Meet the Nudi Dive Team

We want to introduce ourselves, because as a small business, if you reach out to us, one of us will respond.


Nudi Wear Co-Owner Ryan

Retired Navy EOD Tech and SCUBA Instructor with a Masters in Education. Traveling all over the world for work made him appreciate the unloved and unspoken for. He has been looking for ways to help the ocean for as long as he can remember.


Nudi Wear co-owner Christy

Intensive Care Unit Nurse and SCUBA Instructor with a love of travel. Always dreaming about the next destination. Obsessed with finding the weird, ugly, and hard to find sea creatures but sharks are her true passion.

Nudi Wear is a Veteran Owned Business
Nudi Wear is a 100% Aware Partner
Nudi Wear owner's Ryan and Christy are Hawaii Marine Stewards