Each item will come with care instructions printed on it or the tag.

  • Leggings, Sun Shirts, Shorts, & Reversible Tops: We recommend machine washing with cold water on gentle cycle and air drying.  However, they are meant for an active lifestyle and can withstand pretty much anything. Caring for them in this manner is more eco-friendly and will help them last even longer!
  • Neoprene Tote Bags and clutches: We recommend using a wet cloth to wipe the surface of the tote bag if soiled. Most things can be easily removed. The tote bag can be machine washed in cold water on gentle cycle and then air dried. Do not dry-clean, use bleach, or iron. Do not tumble dry or dry in the sun.
  • Headbands: Headbands can be machine washed. We recommend allowing them to air dry, but they can be tumble dried on low heat.