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On April 10th, we will be hosting our monthly “Dive Against Debris” event at our adopted dive site, Point Panic, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Join us from 830am to 12pm for an underwater Easter egg hunt and cleanup dive! Lucky participants will win prizes! Prizes include a 2 -tank boat dive with Ruckus Sportfishing and Diving! Mahalo to the Ruckus crew.

A briefing will be provided for people who have not been to this site before but experienced buddy groups are free to just go dive independently.
We will have some dive bags and cutting tools available but please bring them if you have them! A tarp will be set up near the parking lot for the collection of the debris and will be accounted for before 12pm.
We ask everyone to be respectful by socially distancing and wearing a mask when not geared up. You must be scuba certified and bring your own gear and tanks. We hope to see you there!



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