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Say goodbye to mixing up your mask or pulling out your hair with an adjustable neoprene mask strap. Durable nylon straps that are 3/4 inch wide and fit most masks. Available in Lionfish, Mandarinfish, Tiger Shark, and Whale Shark Series.


A mask strap is an affordable but invaluable accessory for your dive gear. New masks usually come equipped with a silicone mask strap that will cause damage to your hair. When it comes to replacing the silicone strap, the best option is neoprene with nylon straps. This system provides the most hair protection as others only cover parts of the silicone strap or use Velcro and still damage your hair. Our mask straps distribute pressure equally across the back of your head to keep the mask straight and to apply equal tension on the skirt for a much better seal.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Decreases damage to hair
  • Distributes pressure equally creating a better seal
  • Double sided design with alternative color on back



Additional information

Weight .05 lbs

Lionfish, Mandarinfish, Tiger Shark, Whale Shark

6 reviews for Mask Strap

  1. Pam

    Great way to identify my mask when in a group. And comfortable!

  2. Billy Meldi

    I bought the whale shark mask strap to match my whale shark towel. Very comfortable does not pull my hair like other straps I have had. Such a cool unique design pattern I can easily pick my mask out on a crowded dive boat. However that may not be the case for long as I am sure a lot of divers will be getting these!

  3. Sean Jones (verified owner)

    I bought these mask straps for my children’s masks. The old rubber straps were constantly pulling on their hair. These straps are way more comfortable and definitely better looking. Kid tested and kid approved! Great product!!

  4. Trinity Tew

    this mask strap is amazing… in more ways than one! not only is it cute, i can match my leggings, AND it’s great for my hair! no more pinched head hair and it stays in place!

  5. Sharker Parker (verified owner)

    Diving is more fun when my hair isn’t getting ripped out of my head every time I take my mask off.

    I love this strap. Super comfy, easy to adjust and it LOOKS STUNNING!

  6. Araceli (verified owner)

    Bought the mandarin fish strap and I love how colourful it is! Always get compliments on it and people asking where to get it.
    Super comfy and and don’t have to deal with my hair getting ripped and tangled up in the silicon straps anymore!

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