Nudibranch Dry Bag


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5-liter Nudibranch Dry Bag.

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Never let a little water ruin a big adventure! A 5-liter waterproof Nudibranch Dry Bag is the perfect way to keep your valuables away from the elements while underway or at the beach. It’s lightweight, compact, durable and features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. Made from 100% recycled PVC!


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Weight .75 lbs

Lionfish, Mandarinfish, Tiger Shark, Whale Shark

1 review for Nudibranch Dry Bag

  1. Sharker Parker

    This bag you guys!!!

    It is simply amazing. The nudies are shiny and so detailed. The bag is a good size and I can fit my towel and water bottle in it for the beach. Waterproof as well!

    I blow it up and use it was a pillow on long flights!

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