Nudibranch Dry Bag


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5-liter Nudibranch Dry Bag.

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Never let a little water ruin a big adventure! The 5-liter waterproof Nudibranch Dry Bag is the perfect size to protect your valuable such as keys, wallet, and phone without being too big and bulky.  It features a roll top closure with buckle to prevent moisture, dirt, and sand from reaching its contents. Once sealed properly, it will float if accidentally dropped in the water. Each bag has an adjustable and durable shoulder strap with D-ring for easy attachment. When not in use, it folds to be stored away. These bags are the ideal travel companion for a day on the boat, at the beach, or hiking and make great gifts for everyone! Made from 100% recycled PVC!


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Weight .75 lbs

Lionfish, Mandarinfish, Tiger Shark, Whale Shark

2 reviews for Nudibranch Dry Bag

  1. Sharker Parker

    This bag you guys!!!

    It is simply amazing. The nudies are shiny and so detailed. The bag is a good size and I can fit my towel and water bottle in it for the beach. Waterproof as well!

    I blow it up and use it was a pillow on long flights!

  2. Caroline (verified owner)

    Great quality dry bag! There’s a few rings the strap can attach to for versatile carry options, and the 5L size is great for one person’s items. If they start making larger sizes I’ll probably buy another!

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