This past Sunday, October 9th, we celebrated Halloween a spell early with a cleanup dive at our adopted dive site, Point Panic. We had 13 volunteers show up for a spooktacular morning of diving and cleaning the reef. Volunteers arrived in costumes and in good spirits! During the dive, we removed a very scary 111 pounds of trash from the ocean. Some of the more unusual items found were a cassette tape by Inner Circle of the song “Black Roses,” a SD card reader, 3 shoes, and a disco shirt costume still in the packaging. Divers reported seeing upside down jellyfish, mantis shrimp, a leaf scorpionfish, and a shoal of bigfin reef squid! Mahalo to all of the volunteers for an epic morning helping our ocean. Join us November 19th for our next cleanup dive. It’s going to be another great event–we can feel it in our bones!

Nudi Wear Halloween Cleanup Dive 2022