Last weekend Nudi Wear spearheaded yet another impactful Dive Against Debris at Point Panic located in Honolulu, Hawaii. As proud participants in Padi AWARE‘s Adopt The Blue program, we’ve adopted Point Panic as our own, vowing to protect and preserve this precious dive site for generations to come.

Our monthly Dive Against Debris events are a cornerstone of our mission to safeguard marine environments. At Point Panic, we scour the ocean floor, removing and documenting debris that threatens the delicate balance of marine life. Each month, our efforts yield staggering results.

This past weekend, with our dedicated volunteers, we succeeded in hauling out an impressive 241 pounds of trash from the ocean.

Nudi Wear volunteers posing with marine debris removed at a Dive Against Debris

Amidst the debris, we encountered more than just litter. Our team was privileged to witness the resilience of marine life as we found several crabs and an eel, each making their homes in the discarded waste. We ensured their safe return to the ocean with hopes of them finding a more suitable home in a more natural habitat. The sighting of these marine animals serves as a reminder of why we conduct these Dive Against Debris events.

This crab is among the marine animals found amongst the trash removed from the ocean during the event
An eel found inside of a jar removed during the Dive Against Debris at Nudi Wear's Adopt The Blue site

The diversity of debris retrieved during the cleanup was both astonishing and disheartening. Among the more peculiar finds were four tennis balls, two car tires, a large buffing pad, a pirate flag, a blanket with cryptic messages, a solitary rubber boot, and, curiously enough, another television. That makes three in recent months!

Nudi Wear volunteers sorting through marine debris found at our Adopt The Blue location
A buffing pad and aluminum cans removed from the ocean during a Dive Against Debris at Nudi Wear's Adopt The Blue dive site
A TV removed during the Dive Against Debris
A pirate flag that was found in the ocean by divers

As ocean stewards, we recognize that our responsibility extends far beyond our Adopt The Blue site alone. Each Dive Against Debris event serves as a rallying cry for broader environmental action, inspiring communities to adopt sustainable practices and cultivate a deep respect for our oceans. Together, we can make a difference, ensuring a brighter, cleaner future for our oceans and all who call them home. We hope you will join us at an upcoming Dive Against Debris event!