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Lionfish quick-drying microfiber towel. Made from 100% recycled materials!

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This Lionfish-quick drying microfiber towel is sand resistance, ultra-absorbent, compact, and light weight—making it perfect for all of life’s adventures! Large 31 x 71 inch design is big enough to fully wrap up in after a swim in the ocean but compact enough to carry in a small travel bag for the unexpected adventure. Not only is it made from 100% recycled materials, but it also dries 3 times faster than a traditional cotton towel! It features a snap strap for easy storage and hanging and has as a double-sided design.


  • 88% post-consumer recycled polyester, 12% pre-consumer recycled polyamide


Inspired by one of the most voracious feeders in the ocean, the Lionfish!

These fierce, but elegant, carnivorous fish are native to the Indo-Pacific and are now an invasive species in the Atlantic. They can be easily identified by their red, white, and brown zebra-like pattern. They also have large, venomous spines that can look like a mane, hence the name lionfish! As beautiful as they may be, these spines make them inedible or deter most predators. Since lionfish are also voracious feeders and eat a wide variety of prey, there is an increasing concern they may have an active role in the already declining fish populations in the Atlantic. In an effort to help control the invasion, many organizations are promoting the harvest and consumption of lionfish. Be just as fierce and elegant as the fish with this distinctive lionfish towel.



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4 reviews for Lionfish Towel

  1. Lisa Johnson

    I love my beautiful lionfish towel! It folds up so compact and dries very quickly.
    I like the little ribbon to hang it up with, it’s even got a place to write your name! I just can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying it.

  2. Chelsea Lorenson

    I absolutely had to have this towel after I saw my first lionfish while diving in Hawaii. I love that it is lightweight but big enough to cover me if the wind picks up while playing on the beach or diving off a boat.

  3. Lena Parrish (verified owner)

    I was so impressed with these towels that I have 3 of them now. Never can have too many for the grandchildren. Love your products and knew I would love these towels too. Will soon do a beach trip in North Carolina and use all of them.

  4. Kerstin Windberg (verified owner)

    Have almost all if them. I love them. They are big.

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