On Saturday, October 24th a great group of divers met at our adopted dive site, Point Panic in Honolulu, Hawaii. We conducted another successful Dive Against Debris and were able to remove 135 lbs of rubbish from the ocean! Team work was key as everyone worked together to get the large and heavy items to the surface and out of the water. A big mahalo to Jaime, from Aukai Scuba, who brought 3 DPVs. This allowed us to broaden our reach and assist with getting some of the bigger items to the waters exit point. Together the team removed 2 tires, 119 bottles and cans, and a lot of fishing line, weights, and floats. We always find unusual items at this dive site and this dive was no different. Some notable items were a fan, a fire extinguisher pull, and a hand soap dispenser. A great time was had by all and we left the ocean a little cleaner. We hope to see everyone again soon at the next cleanup!