On March 27th, 2021 we held our monthly cleanup dive at Point Panic in Honolulu, Hawaii. We had 10 divers show up eager to help. Surface conditions were a bit rougher than usual but we felt that we could still safely execute the dive. Once in the water, the visibility was less than 10 feet and there was a surprising amount of current for the location. Even though the dive was a bit more challenging than usual, our perseverance paid off! We were able to remove 133 pounds of trash from the ocean!

We found a lot of the usual glass bottles, metal cans, fishing line, lead weights, and hooks.

Some of the more notable items found were a very large boot, socks, a light fixture, and a camera case.

Even with the challenging conditions, a great time was had by all. Some divers even saw a very large stingray, several species of nudibranchs, an octopus, and a green Hawaiian lionfish!

Mahalo to everyone who helped out! Also congratulations to Rose, the winner of a 2-tank dive with Ruckus Sportfishing & Diving. We hope to see you at our next underwater cleanup and Easter egg hunt on April 10th!