This past Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, Nudi Wear held a Halloween celebration and underwater cleanup at Point Panic in Honolulu, Hawaii. Divers showed up with costumes and good spirits.

The ocean conditions were great with very minimal swell. Visibility was about 10 ft, which is common for this dive site. While removing debris from the reef, the divers reported seeing green Hawaiian lionfish, banded coral shrimp, and lots of nudibranchs–imperials, gloomies, funnerals! Some even say they saw a narwhal.

As divers exit the water with mesh bags full of trash, a moment is taken to ensure no hitchhikers end up being removed from the ocean. This time, an octopus was found taking a ride in an aluminum can. It was carefully removed from the mesh bag and returned unharmed to the ocean.

In all, the 12 volunteer divers removed 128 pounds of trash from the ocean! Some items removed include parts of fishing poles, a small fishing lure box, a dive planner card, a water hose, metal pipes, face masks, gloves, clothes, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles, 14 pounds of fishing weights, lures, and hundreds of feet of fishing line.

Mahalo to all of the volunteers for a spooktacular good time and for helping to free the ocean from a scary amount of trash. We hope to see you at a future cleanup! Checkout our upcoming events page for future cleanup dates!