This past Saturday, on April 8th, 2023, we hosted our monthly cleanup dive. We met at our most frequented dive site, Point Panic. As we were arriving and prepping for our dive, a small group of volunteers were just exiting the water. They had a great early morning dive and removed a good amount of trash too!

Even though we were a smaller group than some of our recent cleanup dives, we still pulled an impressive 256 pounds of trash from the ocean! We found a larger number of plastic bottles, plastic fragments, and aluminum cans than usual. We made sure to recycle what we could! We also found a tire, a large piece of boat, an insulated water bottle, a DVD case, a traffic cone, and a large boat battery along with the usual items such as fishing line, lead weight, and glass bottles.

Mahalo to all of the volunteers who showed up to help cleanup our ocean. We had a great time diving with everyone as usual! We hope to see you at the upcoming Earth Day event on April 22nd at Magic Island!