Nudi Wear recently adopted a plot of ocean floor in Maunalua Bay on the east side of Oahu through Mālama Maunalua’s Adopt a Plot Program to assist with invasive algae removal in Hawaii. Mālama Maunalua is a community-based, non-profit organization committed to conserving and restoring a healthy and productive Maunalua Bay. They have been restoring the bay since 2007 and have removed over 4 million pounds of invasive algae. By adopting a plot, we have signed up to maintain our designated 10X10 meter area to less than 10% invasive algae for a minimum 1 year commitment.

On June 16th, we had a group of volunteers meet up for an afternoon of removing algae followed by a sunset BBQ. The tide was a little higher than we had expected, so some volunteers snorkeled while others worked in thigh deep water. The three main types of invasive algae found in Maunalua Bay include Gorilla Ogo, Leather Mudweed, and Prickly Seaweed. These species are a nuisance and need to be removed because they smother the native ecosystem, and they hold sediment and pollutants from runoff inside the nearshore waters. We worked together to remove the invasive algae while leaving native species. We were careful to not harm or remove any animals during the process. We did spot some fun sea life such as sea hares, sea slugs, crabs, snake eels, and a mantis shrimp! After only about an hour and half, we had already removed 240 pounds of invasive algae! Mālama Maunalua collects the algae and then recycles it as a soil amendment at local farms. Many of the farmers use it as a compost for growing vegetables. We had a great time and look forward to making this a part of our regular routine of ocean conservation volunteer opportunities! You can view our upcoming volunteer opportunities here!

If you are interested in learning more about Mālama Maunalua or the efforts taking place to restore the bay, please visit their website at

Maunalua Bay before and after invasive algae removal efforts began in 2007

Maunalua Bay invasive algae removal location
Nudi Wear removing invasive algae in Hawaii
Sea hare found during Nudi Wear's removal of invasive algae in Hawaii

Prickly Seaweed

Gorilla Ogo

Leather Mudweed