This past Saturday, on July 15th, 2023 we celebrated Women’s Dive Day with a cleanup at Point Panic that included a special raffle for our women participants. Women’s dive day was started by PADI 9 years ago as a simple idea to encourage more women to go SCUBA diving. It has since grown into the most celebrated day of diving on the planet, transforming lives and opening the door to the underwater world.

Volunteers started showing up to the beach park around 8 AM. It was a gloomy and rainy start to the day causing some divers to stay at home or leave in search of clearer skies. The ones who hung around for the event were still happy to be there in spite of the rain!

Nudi Wear Volunteer Divers at the Women's Dive Day event
Nudi Wear Volunteers at the Women's Dive Day celebration

Once making it down to the dive site entry point, it was evident that it was going to be a little bit rougher of a dive than we usually experience here. The waves were coming in at more of an angle causing them to crash on the stairs where we enter the water. However, this didn’t stop our dedicated volunteers! We had 5 freedivers and 11 SCUBA divers head out in search of trash in the ocean.

After about an hour in the water, the divers reemerged with bags full of debris and excitement about the things they saw on their dive. Everyone was also happy to see the rain had stopped and the sun was shinning!

In total, we were able to remove 174 pounds of trash from the ocean! Once collected, the trash was then sorted into piles of like materials and logged with PADI Aware where we track our findings monthly. Some notable items found were a volleyball, a soft ball, a large bible, police defense spray, a large metal pipe, and 150 pieces of lead fishing weight.

Nudi Wear's Women's Dive Day Celebration at Point Panic

After sorting the debris, we held a raffle in appreciation of all the awesome women divers who joined us for the cleanup. Some items raffled, in addition to lots of Nudi Wear items, were a 2-tank dive generously donated by Ruckus Sportfishing & Diving, a Kuleana Coral t-shirt, and a beautiful necklace from HI Tide Ocean Wear. Every female participant walked away with some swag!

Nudi Wear volunteers at the Women's Dive Day cleanup

Mahalo to everyone who came out to make Women’s Dive Day and the cleanup a fun and memorable event. We hope you can join us at a future cleanup or for the upcoming Dive for Life event in August!