Developed by divers for divers and all water lovers. We strive to create high quality products inspired by the ocean while limiting our impact on the environment through eco-conscious materials and production.

Meet the Nudi Dive Team

We want to introduce ourselves, because as a small business, if you reach out to us, one of us will respond.


Nudi Wear Co-Owner Ryan

Active Duty EOD Tech and Scuba Instructor with a Masters in Education. Traveling all over the world for work made him appreciate the unloved and unspoken for. He has been looking for ways to help the ocean for as long as he can remember. You will know if you see him underwater because he’s more often than not wearing his psychedelic space kitty shirt.


Nudi Wear co-owner Christy

Intensive Care Unit Nurse and Scuba Instructor with a love of travel. Always dreaming about the next destination. Obsessed with finding the weird, ugly, and hard to find sea creatures but sharks are her true passion. When not working in the hospital or underwater, she can be found hiking, kayaking, or studying fish ID books in a hammock.

Nudi Wear is a VOB